The Blackball Hilton

The Blackball Hilton


Dinner Menu

Blackball Field Oysters (v)                                     $12.00
Battered Mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese and drizzled
with a white wine and mustard sauce

Garlic Bread (V)                                                         $8.00
Tiger bread with Chef's own garlic butter

Crumbed Camembert (V)                                     $15.00
Served with cranberry and port sauce

Sauté Scallops (GF)                                                $16.00
Drizzled with a herb, lemon and butter sauce, with a feta and spinach quinelle

Salmon Wontons                                                     $12.00  
Filled with salmon risotto and drizzled with a ginger chilli and coconut sauce

(V) Vegetarian
(DF) Dairy Free
(GF) Gluten Free

Vegetarian Patties (V)                                           $28.00
A duo of Chef's own patties, one lentil and one nutmeat, served with
steamed rice, a fresh salad, mango salsa and sour cream

Fish of the Day                                                         $28.00
Chef's choice of seasonal fish, beer battered with his own recipe,
served with fresh garden salad and fries

Venison                                                                      $30.00
Char grilled venison complemented with a blueberry and
port jus, served on mash with vegetables of the day

Rib-eye Steak                                                          $34.00
Cooked to your liking with a choice of pepper or mushroom sauce,
or garlice butter, served with fries and a fresh garden salad

Lamb Shank                                                             $30.00
Braised slowly in chef's secret sauce until tender, served
with potato mash and vegetables of the day

Pork Loin                                                                  $28.00
A marinated pork loin chargrilled and napped with cumberland sauce,
served with creamy mash and vegetables of the day, topped with a crackle garnish

Crepes Suzette                                                      $12.00
Drizzled with our grande l'orange sauce, served with cream

Sticky Date Pudding                                           $14.00
Our own handmade pudding in a pond of caramel sauce

Ice Cream Sundae                                                $8.00
Served with a choice of choclate or caramel sauce

Chocolate Lover's Delight                                 $14.00
Wicked treat for chocolate lovers, delightful chocolate gateau

with all the trimmings

Chocolate Brownie (GF)                                    $12.00
A beautiful rich brownie that will titivate the taste buds, served

with ice-cream and all the trimmings


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